Concierge means

concierge means

concierge meaning, definition, what is concierge: a person who is employed to take care of an apartment building, especially in France. Learn more. Concierge definition, (especially in France) a person who has charge of the entrance of a building and is often the owner's representative; doorkeeper. Define concierge: a person in an apartment building especially in France who takes care of the building and checks the people who enter and leave. concierge means


What It Means to Be a Health Care Concierge: Evan Parana ǀ UPMC Health Plan In medieval times, the concierge was an officer of the king who was charged with executing justice, with the help of his bailiffs. WORD OF THE DAY. Dictionary Term of Day Articles Subjects Sign Up. Views Read Edit View history. If you were staying at a hotel, the concierge could recommend where to find the best coffee in town. Put This in Your Skill Set Put correct usage in your skill american gladiators wolf.


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