Backgammon setup

backgammon setup

It's simple to set up a backgammon board, and it takes just a few minutes. Learn the absolute basics to make sure you do it right every time. Ein Backgammon Brett aufstellen. Ein Backgammon -Spiel ist leicht aufzustellen, aber es ist hilfreich, den Aufbau des Bretts und all seine Teile zu verstehen. Portes is one of three backgammon games popular in Greece. The other two are Setup: The game is set up the same is in backgammon. Each player has 2. backgammon setup What is the object of the game? The Opening Moves Point Makers Builders Runners Doubles. If a player refuses a redouble, he must pay the number of points that jewels star kostenlos spielen at stake prior to the redouble. The first player to accumulate the required points wins the match. At the end of the game, the loser pays the winner the value of the doubling cube in whatever units they have agreed to play .


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